What is your Health Status?

What is your Health Status?
What is your choice?



Nutri-Physical Nutritional Analysis
What is Nutri-Physical® Nutritional Analysis? Identifying areas of nutrition where you need extra supplementation is a difficult task. Harder still is wading through the vast assortment of vitamins and minerals that claim to improve your health and well-being. Maybe you have a rough idea of where to start, but why leave anything to chance?

That's why we developed Nutri-Physical Nutritional Analysis, a free tool that can help you chose the proper supplementation regimen based on your diet and lifestyle. The result of your Nutri-Physical are based on overall best fit derived from your answers to a detailed online questionnaire that takes into account diet and exercise, family history personal habits and more.
Unlike other health questionnaires, Nutri-Physical explores all aspects of your diet, lifestyle and fitness to make concrete recommendations. Plus, with a unique color coding system, you can easily identify which products are most important for your health.
Every three to four months, come back to Shop.com and retake Nutri-Physical to receive new supplement recommendations at no cost. It's easy, it's customizable and it's free - three great reasons to take your Nutri-Physical today!

Nutri-Physical identifies areas of improvement such as:

  • Weight management
  • Stress reduction
  • Diet and exercise
  • Blood Sugar and Maintenance
  • Cardio health
  • and much more!

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